1D Measurement Device

1D Length measurement device for tubes, profiles, Belts, Cords, bars etc. from 950mm – 4000mm.

Hegewald & Peschke Meß- und Prüftechnik GmbH designs and manufactures length measurement devices and equipment to the orders of our customers. Customized solutions are highly economic particularly for simple, close-to-production problems in the workshop and manufacturing range, since operation and functionality can be focused on the essentials.

1D Measurement Device

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Exova Metech A/S expands calibration laboratory by calibration machine INSPEKT 600KN


Exova Metech A/S expands calibration laboratory by calibration machine INSPEKT 600KN

BTE expands the High Force part of its business to include the Exova Metech group. Exova Metech offers their customers worldwide calibration and measuring technology services. Depending on customer requirements the well-equipped calibration laboratories of the enterprise group carry out calibrations according to ISO / IEC 17025 or corresponding to customised quality specifications.

In order to satisfy the growing inquiry for calibration services, the lab of the Exova Metech A/S with headquarter in Lem, Denmark, was expanded by a calibration machine Inspekt 600kN. The machine is equipped with 3 reference load cells for different load areas (600kN, 100kN, 20kN). This ensures the achievement of the necessary accuracy in any case. A separate control and measuring circuit guarantees high precision, measuring accuracy and traceability.

The calibration machine is based on the construction of the universal testing machine series Inspekt. For the application of these universal testing machines as calibration machines the Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH has developed and delivered together with BTE the "calibration module" in its in-house material testing software LabMaster. The functional extent can be used for the inspection of the load measuring equipment of the machine used with LabMaster as well as for the examination of external load measuring instruments.

In the present case the machine is used as a calibration machine and the internal load cell is only used for the regulation of the machine. The real reference is, in any case, an external load cell with accompanying measuring amplifier.

The measuring amplifier is also integrated into LabMaster, so that the calibration module allows a holistic test procedure as well as the representation and logging of all measuring parameters.

New PLC-based furniture and component testing system "CALMAR I".


Hegewald & Peschke developed the new control system Calmar I for furniture and furniture component testing in accordance to various national and international standards. The test rigs equipped with this system are mainly used for production-accompanying tests.

This new Calmar I control system offers the following advantages:

  • easy handling via a modern touch panel
  • quick loading of preconfigured, standard-based and customer-specific test methods
  • freely configurable testing procedures
  • online visualisation of the tests
  • variety of preconfigured control parameters for outstanding precision and control quality
  • control or regulating concept available
  • optional high-precision force and path control
  • data collection and export opportunity (*.csv) on a PC
  • easy log printing of the test results

In March, BTE & Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH delivered a double alternating bending test rig and a tilting test rig equipped with the new programmable logic control to the Norwegian company Scandinavian Business Seating AS. In the production plant in Røros, these rigs are used to test office seating furniture. Likewise, TÜV SÜD in Hamburg commissioned a seat/backrest alternating bending test rig and a test rig for arm rest testing equipped with the new Calmar I technology. By means of these test rigs, seat, backrest, arm rest tests and side-to-side tests are carried out in accordance with the standards EN 1335 and BS 5459.

BTE installs a high force universal testing machine at the Esbjerg site of Nordisk Svejse Kontrol.

Universal testing machine 600 kN for tensile, compression and bending tests on welded joints

In the course of expanding its high force universal tensile machine business, BTE have recently installed a universal testing machine 600 kN for tensile, compression and bending tests at the new location of NSK in Esbjerg, Denmark.

The universal testing machine will be used to evaluate quality testing of metallic materials and components processed through welding.

Nordisk Svejse Kontrol (NSK) is currently one of the leading Danish suppliers for non-destructive and destructive testing or examination and welding technology.

Airless professional line – The new generation of hydrostatic pressure test equipment.

The 1720 ProfessionalLine model is the most innovative development in state-of-the-art internal pressure creep testers. Its compact design, flexibility and precision remain unparalleled.

Keeping a finger on the pulse: The maxim for the new development was to attain maximum accuracy, a long service life and a user- and service-friendly system, combined with flexibility and the precondition to be able to expand the system with additional modules.

High-precision pressure regulation. Selectively regulated input pressure in each individual module ensures reduced wear to the solenoid valves.

Optimised material selection. All metal components that come in contact with the medium can optionally be manufactured out of high quality stainless steel, entirely free of copper ions. In addition to preventing corrosion, the materials also ensure that the test results will be reliable. Standard units are supplied in brass.

Quick system calibration: The integrated needle valves enable a direct link to be established to the optional master gauge even while testing is underway.

Room to grow: The modular structure and the technical requirement for test pressures, optionally up to maximum 600 bar leave room for further expansion.

According to following standards:

  • ISO 1167
  • ASTM D 1598
  • ASTM D 1599

BTE installs a new Airless Professional Line Hydrostatic pressure testing system at LK PEX in Ulricehamn, Sweden.

BTE installs a new Airless ProfessionalLine Hydrostatic pressure testing system at LK PEX in Ulricehamn, Sweden. LK Pex operates high-technology manufacturing of PE-Xa pipes using manufacturing technology developed by the company itself. The flexible PE-Xa pipes are mainly sold to the Heating, Ventilation and Sanitation-industry in Europe, the USA and Middle East.

“Ensuring the quality and performance of our pipes is a key concern for LK Pex and pressure testing is one of the most important, as well as time-consuming, factors. Increased reliability and efficiency of the pressure testing is a thus a priority for us. We trust in the system from IPT to assist us in this work”. – Åsa Linder, Development & Product Manager, LK Pex”